by Bill Valle

LSI 12Gb/s SAS 9300 Series HBAs Announced

LSI is announcing the introduction of its SAS 9300 HBA family that consists of 4 Host Bus Adapters which accelerate storage and meet the high performance applications requirements for a range of environments. Those include transactional databases, Web 2.0, data mining, and video streaming and editing. Optimized for the latest specification of PCI Express 3.0, each of the adapters also delivers over one million IOPS (a 50% improvement), 4 or 8 SAS ports, and provides over 6,000MB/s of throughput performance for streaming applications. Each LSI HBA is driven by the LSI SAS 3008 12Gb/s SAS controller. They all also include mini-SAS HD connectors, as specified by the SAS 3.0 Standard, and provide connectivity in a low-profile form factor supporting 8 lanes of PCI Express 3.0.

The HBA’s come at a time when storage infrastructure demands continue to see sizeable growth. Organizations are starting to need access to 12Gb/s SAS connectivity in order to meet the needs of the most demanding applications as well as virtualized environments and cloud datacenters. Additionally, some 12Gb/s SAS drives have recently become available, such as the Toshiba PX02SM Enterprise SSD and the HGST Ultrastar SSD800MM Enterprise SSD. As such, organizations who have already invested will now be able to fully realize performance gains.

Pricing and Availability

The LSI 12Gb/s SAS HBAs are available immediately through the LSI worldwide network of distributors, integrators and VARs. MSRP pricing is as follows: SAS 9300-8e (single): $450; SAS 9300-8i (single/kit): $350/$430; SAS 9300-4i4e (single/kit): $350/$430; SAS9300-4i (single/kit): $245/$335.

LSI 12Gb/s HBAs

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