by Lyle Smith

Maxta Expands its MaxDeploy Program

Maxta has announced an expansion of its MaxDeploy Program, which allows customers to easily order and deploy hyper-converged solutions that run on servers powered by Intel processors. This new expansion will include new MaxDeploy appliances based on Dell and Lenovo server platforms. Maxta recently added new hyper-converged management, which included historical reporting, enhanced policy management, and comprehensive storage quality of service management for MaxDeploy.

Announced last year, the MaxDeploy Program offers its customers with a simple yet flexible way to deliver hyper-converged solutions with a choice of server vendors, such as Cisco, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Quanta and Supermicro. In addition, it helps eliminate the inherent complexity and ambiguity when acquiring and deploying software-defined technologies to assimilate hyper-converged solutions. It achieves this by offering pre-defined and pre-configured appliances that are pre-loaded with software and ordered and deployed as a complete system. These appliances are provided to customers by leveraging their partners’ feature-rich portals for configuring, quoting and ordering.

In addition, Intel PCIe attached SSDs are configured as part of these Dell and Lenovo MaxDeploy appliances, allowing it to deliver high-performance by taking full advantage of the NVMe interface and MxSP’s improved flash utilization. Maxta indicates that enterprises will now have the resources to scale their environment as needed and without over-provisioning resources.

Maxta also mentions that, due to their new server platforms and expansion of its support from distribution partners such as SYNNEX, CCI and Westcon Group, it will allow them to further improve its MaxDeploy Program.

MaxDeploy Program

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