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KIOXIA RM7 Series Value SAS SSDs Now Available for HPE ProLiant Gen11 Servers

by Lyle Smith

KIOXIA has announced that their RM7 Series Value SAS SSDs are now available for HPE ProLiant Gen11 servers.

KIOXIA has announced that their RM7 Series Value SAS SSDs are now available for HPE ProLiant Gen11 servers. This integration marks a notable shift from traditional SATA SSDs, offering superior performance, reliability, and reduced latency. The RM7 Series SSDs mark the latest addition to KIOXIA’s 12Gb/s Value SAS SSD lineup and are recognized for their higher IOPS/W and IOPS/$1 compared to SATA.KIOXIA RM7 HPE SAS Value

In addition to their integration in HPE ProLiant servers, the RM7 Series SSDs are playing a key role in the HPE Spaceborne Computer-2 (SBC-2) project. KIOXIA indicates that deployment in the challenging space environment highlights their durability and dependability.

The SBC-2 project represents a cutting-edge development in space technology, functioning as an advanced edge computing and AI system. Its primary purpose is to handle complex computational tasks in space, including instantaneous image processing and conducting scientific simulations. This innovation is aimed at minimizing the dependence on Earth-based communications by empowering astronauts to process data directly on the ISS, thereby enhancing their self-sufficiency.

In a past episode of our podcast, we devoted the entire discussion to the HPE supercomputer. During this session, Brian had a detailed conversation with Mark Fernandez, Principal Investigator for Spaceborne Computer-2 at HPE, focusing on their objectives to render space exploration more sustainable.

KIOXIA RM7 Series Value SAS SSD Quick Specs

The RM7 Series offers a 12 Gb/s SAS interface while featuring capacities ranging from 960GB to 7.68TB, and endurance options such as 1 DWPD. They also boast sequential read and write performance of up to 1,100 MB/s and 1,050 MB/s, respectively, with random read performance of up to 190,000 IOPS, and random write performance of up to 55,000 IOPS.

Advanced data security features include optional compliance with the Self-Encrypting Device (SED) and Sanitize Instant Erase (SIE) standards. They also incorporate the company’s BiCS FLASH 3D flash memory technology and maintain low power consumption.

What is a KIOXIA Value SAS SSD?

Value SAS SSDs are a class of drives designed to elevate server performance beyond what traditional SATA SSDs can offer. Using the strengths of Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) technology, they can deliver enhanced performance, higher reliability, and better data throughput, all at a competitive price point. Optimized for server use, Value SAS SSDs are particularly suited for handling the intensive workloads and high-traffic demands of server environments, and can outperform enterprise SATA SSDs in both speed and durability.

Value SAS SSDs in SAS-enabled servers are also easily deployed, as they require no complex configurations, making them a seamless upgrade from standard SATA SSDs. This ease of integration, combined with their lower TCO and improved server utilization, presents a compelling value proposition.

The launch of the 3rd generation of the RM7 Series Value SAS SSDs line in HPE ProLiant Gen11 servers is quite significant, as they offer a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to enhance their server’s capabilities, providing a balanced mix of performance, reliability, and affordability.

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