by Adam Armstrong

News Bits: Veeam, N2WS, Supermicro, Quantum, QNAP, & Virtual Instruments

This week’s News Bits we look at a number of small announcements, small in terms of the content, not the impact they have. Veeam acquires N2WS. Supermicro announces Early Shipment Program. Quantum announces new DXi backup appliances. QNAP introduces Fibre Channel connectivity. Virtual Instruments has a record year going into 2019. 

Veeam Acquires N2WS

Veeam has finished is acquisition of N2WS shortly after the company announced its N2WS Backup & Recovery 2.4 that extended data protection into S3. Other benefits include:

  • Reduced Long-Term Retention and Archival Costs: Meet compliance requirements by retaining critical data in a lower-cost storage tier; streamline AWS data management and enhance cloud mobility.
  • VPC Capture and Clone: Capture VPC settings such as subnets, security groups and route tables, and clone to other regions, eliminating the need for manual configuration during the disaster recovery processes, reducing the risk of error and saving employees’ valuable time.
  • Enhanced RESTful API: Automate backup and recovery for business-critical data.

N2WS Backup & Recovery 2.4

Supermicro Announces Early Shipment Program

Supermicro announced its new Early Shipment Program for sever and storage systems for customer to validate their next-generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors. The company states that its entire X11 portfolio is optimized to leverage the upcoming Xeon Scalable CPUs as well as Optane DC persistent memory and Intel Deep Learning Boost technology. 

Supermirco’s X11 portfolio

Quantum Announces New DXi Backup Appliances

Quantum Corp. announced an expansion of its DXi Backup Appliances with two new units. The new units include:

  • DXi9000 - With industry-best density, ultra-fast performance, and the ability to protect petabytes of data, the DXi9000 is a highly-efficient option for enterprise backup storage. The DXi9000 scales from 51TB to 1PB of useable capacity, using Quantum’s unique capacity-on-demand licensing, and is the first backup appliance to take advantage of 12TB hard drives. The DXi9000 has a new high-density chassis option to enable 1 petabyte of usable capacity (pre-deduplication) in only 10U of rack space. The combination enables customers to protect their data efficiently while reducing power and cooling requirements and minimizing the rack footprint associated with storage.
  • DXi4800 - Capable of scaling from just a few terabytes to over 100TBs, the DXi4800 is an efficient choice for small backup environments and remote site protection. With the addition of flash to the DXi4800 node, operations such as backup, restore, replication, and space reclamation are significantly accelerated to improve overall data management. The DXi4800 starts at 8TB of useable capacity and scales using Quantum’s capacity-on-demand licensing to 171TB.

Quantum DXi

QNAP Introduces Fibre Channel Connectivity

QNAP is adding Fibre Channel (FC) technology to its SAN, NAS, and cloud storage features. QNAP is working with Marvell and ATTO to deliver 32Gb/16Gb/8Gb Fibre Channel SAN solutions. The company will soon be offering  a new iSCSI & FC Manager app in QTS. 


Virtual Instruments Has A Record Year Going Into 2019

Virtual Instruments is reporting that 2018 was their best year yet. The company had record bookings with almost 100% growth rate for new customers, 200% growth in EMEA sales, and 125% growth in channel-initiated business. The company also saw the latest releases of its flagship products including new VirtualWisdom and new WorkloadWisdom.

Virtual Instruments

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