by Brian Beeler

Nimble Storage CS300 and CS500 Hybrid Arrays Released

Nimble Storage has released two new hybrid storage arrays, the CS300 and CS500. The new units refresh Nimble's lower and mid-range offerings, boasting a 50% increase in performance over the CS200 and CS400 models they're replacing. Like the high-end CS700, the new systems leverage Nimble's Adaptive Flash technology which allows for independent scaling of capacity and performance. The CS300 and CS500 use a 3U form factor and offer 10Gbase-T, GbE, and GbE SFP+ connectivity. Nimble systems can be configured to order, giving customers the opportunity to select networking, disk and flash capacity that meets their workload needs. 

Like the CS700, the new CS300 and CS500 support 36TB raw capacity, with the ability to scale to 256TB via shelves. The big difference is the CPU power inside each box. The CS700 uses Ivy Bridge processors where the CS300 and CS500 use Sandy Bridge processors. Nimble has yet to clarify further as to what other changes/upgrades have gone into the new systems. 


The Nimble Storage CS300 and CS500 are now generally available.

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