by Adam Armstrong

Panzura Release SMART Sync

Today Panzura announced that it is including its new SMART Sync technology within its Panzura hybrid cloud software. SMART Sync is a multi-site and cloud sync technology that builds off of Panzura’s existing global deduplication and global metadata technology. Panzura claims that this new technology is the fastest way to move files from one site to another by only moving the least amount of data possible. This would give companies the ability of cross-site real-time collaboration, which in turn can speed up productivity.

rsync is the go to site-to-site replication technology. But rsync is celebrating twenty years of use and Panzura believes that the technology can be improved upon. Companies now use both multi-site and cloud solutions that can create performance issues with rsync or a derivative of it. Technical files such as CAD, BIM or GIS applications can suffer from various issues if multiple offices attempt to collaborate on the same file.

Panzura has a global deduplication technology that it claims can enable customers to dramatically reduce large file global distribution times from more than 10 hours to less than 10 minutes. The new SMART Sync builds on this technology and uses metadata tables on Panzura Controllers to compare files without having to run scans on the source or the destination. The new sync technology only takes modified data blocks and moves them, which means much smaller blocks are being moved and an uptick in performance should be seen. Another benefit to this would be the reduction in network congestion.

Benefits of SMART Sync:

  • SMART Sync reads 32 checksum bytes from disk for every 128 KB of data on the source and destination, saving 4000:1 on the IO
  • SMART Sync doesn’t use the CPU for calculating the checksum, saving 100% on CPU
  • Due to the 4000:1 IO and CPU reduction, SMART Sync reduces the local latency by 4000:1 making synchronization blazingly fast
  • For a cloud based storage system where data is kept in the cloud, SMART Sync allows Panzura to skip the cloud data read that would have been required to calculate the checksums, saving significant WAN bandwidth.


Panzura SMART Sync is available now and is included as part of the Panzura software.

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