by Lyle Smith

Permabit Albireo Unveiled for Enterprise Flash Technologies

Permabit Technology has announced availability of Albireo for Flash Technologies. Albireo Software Development Kit (SDK) and Virtual Data Optimizer (VDO) now both support enterprise flash technologies used in flash arrays, caching both hardware and software solutions and SSDs, including drives and PCIe solutions.

These flash solutions are the I/O performance leaders in enterprises; they are designed to support applications such as database indexing, online transaction processing, desktop and server virtualization, front-end web serving, as well as key infrastructure offerings, such as email and messaging. With Permabit’s Albireo technology, the cost of flash storage is reduced by 5 to 35 times, making it competitive with spinning disk drives while delivering effective cost for performance and capacity well below traditional hard disk-based storage arrays. Additionally, Albireo’s deduplication technology significantly reduces the number of writes; as a result, this increases flash life and reliability.
Albireo caters to these metrics in order to address the high performance demands of enterprise flash solutions:

  • Scalability to millions of dedupe operations per second
  • Greater than 250,000 IOPS inline performance using a single commodity CPU core
  • Sub-millisecond latency
  • <512 MB minimum memory footprint

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