by Adam Armstrong

Pivot3 To Acquire NexGen

Today Pivot3 announced that it would be acquiring the privately held NexGen Storage. Pivot3 is looking to combine NexGen’s dynamic all-flash arrays (AFA) and Quality of Service (QoS) abilities to its portfolio in what it clams to be the industry’s most complete set of dynamic hyper-converged solutions. This combined company will give businesses from mid-market up to enterprise the ability to apply the right infrastructure and priority to each workload, application or business service according to business value. Both Pivot3 and NexGen boards have unanimously approved the agreement and the deal is expected to close in February 2016.

About NexGen’s QoS we’ve previously stated: The NexGen flash array data management software is comprised of the patented QoS. The QoS enables users to setup teiring, caching, and automatically setup performance for given workloads. This means more workloads can be consolidated while mission-critical applications get the performance they need. The QoS engine is hardware agnostic to work with future and new flash storage as it is needed. And the QoS moves data directly from the network to multiple types of memory and across numerous paths in parallel to eliminate contention and latency spikes associated with hardware/controller adapters.

Adding NexGen’s strengths to Pivot3’s line helps IT avoid overprovisioning by allowing them to use just-in-time dynamic provisioning of resources and scale as the business grows. Pivot3 will be better able to address the demands of things such as the IoT and customers that have always on expectations. Pivot3 still plans on marketing and enhancing all current and planned NexGen products.

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