Server Rack Reviews
Server rack reviews highlight rack performance from a storage ecosystem perspective. While a rack can sometimes just be a rack, more advanced server racks offer numerous critical features like cable management, ePDU integration, accessibility options and more. The increasing awareness around smart racks that handle power and cooling for servers and storage systems also plays an increasingly important role in storage configuration and ultimately performance.
by Adam Armstrong

Eaton S-Series Rack Review

The Eaton S-Series rack comes in both 42U and 48U heights, with depths of either 42” or 48”, and a variety of widths. The racks are ideal for small to medium-scale datacenter deployments to hold servers, storage arrays, and networking equipment as well as all the necessary power equipment to keep it up and running. The S-Series racks play an integral part in the growing StorageReview Lab where the overwhelming majority of enterprise equipment is rack-mounted, with a great deal of hardware is needed to operate the benchmarks we use in our day to day operation. 

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by Lyle Smith

StorageReview NAS Test Lab

The StorageReview NAS Test Lab is a purpose built virtualized testing infrastructure to benchmark the growing number of 1GbE and 10Gbase-T shared storage products hitting the market. We've paired up with Tripp Lite for infrastructure products including the 42U SmartRack series rack, SmartPro 3kVA 2250W Line Interactive Sine Wave UPS, as well as their Single-Phase Monitored PDU for power distribution. These components give us plenty of capacity to continue to grow our NAS testing capabilities while keeping the environment around the products stable and free of power interruptions.

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by Mark Kidd

StarTech 15U Server Rack Review [2636CABINET]

The StarTech 2636 cabinet is a 15U server rack that ships fully assembled and is ready to go right out of the box. The growing rack space requirements of the StorageReview Enterprise Testing Lab mean that we perpetually need to deploy additional rack space to keep up with the growing number of compute and storage array reviews we're reviewing at any given time. While full-size racks are great, this time around we were searching for something unique that spoke more to the needs of small/branch offices in addition to serving as a platform for the new wave of cluster-in-a-box solutions. The StarTech 2636 is ideal for these target applications, offering a sturdy 15U of rack space in a comparatively small footprint.

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by Kevin OBrien

StorageReview Test Lab: Eaton S-Series Rack

As the focus at StorageReview transitions to an increased enterprise-centric slant, it's more important than ever to properly deploy an enterprise environment for reviewing SMB and enterprise-grade storage solutions. The latest enhancement to the StorageReview Test Lab comes via Eaton and their latest generation S-Series Rack. The 42U rack is an ideal framework to house our burgeoning collection of servers, rack-mount storage solutions, and networking products, as well as infrastructure pieces like our Eaton 5PX UPS to keep tests running smoothly regardless of the power conditions outside of our building.

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