by Adam Armstrong

Riverbed SteelFusion Now Supports AWS & Azure

Today Riverbed Technology announced that its hyper-converged edge solution, Riverbed SteelFusion, now supports Amazon Web Services (AWS) support through AWS Storage Gateway and Azure support through Microsoft StorSimple. Not only does this give customers more flexibility and choice for cloud-based data storage across remote locations, they can now leverage the cloud as a secondary storage tier. This gives SteelFusion users more capacity, backup, and tiering to add on to their private data center storage assets.

Building off of the 4.0 release of the SteelFusion and the announcement of SteelFusion support for customers using VMware vSphere 6, Riverbed is continuing to expand its SteelFusion ecosystem with leading cloud providers AWS and Microsoft. Riverbed says this support not only increases flexibility it also allows cloud-based storage, backup, and tiering capabilities from one centralized location while eliminating the need to invest in costly physical servers at remote locations.

Key features of SteelFusion include:

  • Removes all physical servers, storage, and valuable data from ROBO locations
  • Consolidates and accelerates time-consuming ROBO IT operations, such as backup processes and data protection, provisioning of new services and sites, and fast recovery to central data centers in a single solution
  • Extends enterprise-class security, services and resiliency of the central data center, and now the cloud, out to all ROBO locations, regardless of distance, and without compromising performance

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