by Lyle Smith

Scality S3 Server Now Generally Available

Hot on the heels of last week’s update to RING Version 6.0, Scality has announced the General Availability of its S3 Server software, an open source version of its S3 API. Scality S3 is packaged as a Docker container, which is designed for easy deployment on a single server. Scality indicates that it will allow developers to code the S3 API locally with the ability to extend the API as needed. The company adds that enterprises will be able to use the Scality S3 Server to accelerate time-to-market of cloud applications without having to make the decision of where the application will be deployed during production. Additionally, applications will be freely deployable on premises and on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Public Cloud without changing having to make any modifications to code.

Because the Scality S3 Server is written in Node.js, it provides enterprises with comprehensive set of S3 API features with fast bucket listing. The S3 Server also boasts strong S3 API compatibility, which gives application developers the ability to leverage the full set of AWS S3 language-specific bindings and wrappers--such as SDKs for Java, .NET, Javascript, and Go--to simplify the coding process. In addition, Scality S3 uses Docker volumes for storage and can be used for pilot and production deployment of hundreds of terabytes.

Scality lists both free and paid support options on Docker Hub, Github, and the Scality S3 Server portal. Companies that need a commercially supported version of the Scality S3 Server are given a subscription option of $950 per month, per server.


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