by Brian Beeler

Seagate Updates Hard Drive Forecast

In a filing with the SEC yesterday, Seagate provided an update on their view of the hard drive shortage. Seagate confirmed their 180 million unconstrained demand number for hard drives in the fourth quarter of this year, and estimates the market will be able to deliver 110-120 million units of that demand. Of that Seagate expects to ship 41 - 45 million units, which is the lower middle of their 40-50 million broad estimate provided on their last quarterly call.

The good news is that if Seagate is able to get access to key components that are still not in full supply, they expect to be able to deliver 60 million units in the first quarter of 2012. Things could be back to normal for Seagate by mid-year as they ramp up production, integrate with Samsung and their production catches up to pent up demand that isn't being fulfilled now. 

Western Digital has not updated their guidance on the issues associated with the Thailand flooding.

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