by Adam Armstrong

StorageCraft Announces StorageCraft For Law Enforcement

Today StorageCraft announced its new storage solution, StorageCraft for Law Enforcement. As the name implies, the solution is aimed specifically at law enforcement and more specifically it gives them a simple and scalable storage solution for body-worn cameras (or body cams). The new solution not only makes storage simple and scalable, it can help law enforcement keep costs down associated with data storage.

It seems that not a day goes by that police body cams aren’t in the news in some way. The public demand seems to be going up for these cameras both for police accountability as well as protection from suspects changing their stories. More and more law enforcement agencies are adopting this technology with 95% of large police departments in the United States now using these cameras. One important issue that often goes under addressed is what to do with the massive amount of data that is being generated by these cameras, the time they are required to be stored, and the significant cost in dealing with this data. StorageCraft’s new solution aims to tackle all three of these issues.

StorageCraft for Law Enforcement leverages two StorageCraft OneBlox 4312 scale-out distributed object store appliances. This way law enforcement agencies can store data both on-prem with off-site backup. An entry level version has a capacity up to 144TB and can be purchased for under $38K. If more space is required, users can simply add drives and have the capacity dynamically expand without interruptions performance. The solution also leverages StorageCraft’s multi-site replication feature: in the event of failure, recovery can be achieved in minutes. And speaking of short times, the solution is said to be able to be installed and working in under 15 minutes.

Benefits include:

  • Cost-effective. Where other storage products on the market cost hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars, the StorageCraft solution starts at a fraction of that cost.
  • Highly scalable. StorageCraft is flexible and highly scalable. Law enforcement agencies can start with ten terabytes of storage and scale up to petabytes in the same cluster. They can add any number of drives, anytime and in any granularity to meet their storage requirements. And, when they expand their available storage capacity there is zero configuration and no application downtime.
  • Easy to manage and replicate. With StorageCraft, setting up remote replication is as simple as three mouse clicks. In under fifteen minutes, a law enforcement agency can have a disaster recovery infrastructure installed and replicating. In fact, the software is architected to make storage management and remote replication easy and efficient, without the need for high-level storage expertise.


StorageCraft for Law Enforcement is currently available.

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