by Brian Beeler

StorageReview Podcast #17: Luke Wignall, NVIDIA

VDI clearly isn't a new concept in the enterprise, but many of us have a limited world view when it comes to virtual desktops. Workrooms jammed with customer service reps or medical office use cases are familiar visions, but VDI is much more. With GPU-enabled servers, virtual workstations are replacing high-end PCs in a wide range of organizations including those in media and entertainment, engineering and design functions. NVIDIA is the clear leader here, driving the conversation about what's possible with virtual workstations and providing best practices for deployment. Their line of GRID cards enables more flexibility, performance and control than has even been available. With new thin client designs from HP, Dell and others resembling the best-looking all-in-ones and notebooks, and included features like support for multiple 4K displays, most users don't even realize they're using a virtual instance. In fact, there's plenty of upside when it comes to performance, file loads and design renders are often faster with a more fluid user experience. Luke Wignall from NVIDIA joins me in this podcast where we dive into the state of VDI in the enterprise and discuss the benefits of modern virtual workstations.


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