by Adam Armstrong

VMware & AWS Announce Availability Of VMware Cloud on AWS

Today at VMworld 2017 in Las vegas, VMware, Inc. and Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) announced the initial availability of VMware Cloud on AWS. First announced last year, VMware Cloud on AWS combines the two companies services to allows customer to run applications across operationally consistent VMware vSphere-based private, public, and hybrid cloud environments, with optimized access to AWS services. Now the service will be available in AWS West Region and spread to other regions throughout the world in 2018.

Both AWS Cloud and VMware have been rapidly adopted across the industry. The rapid adoption of both would naturally lead to the next step of customers wanting to integrate their on-premises data center environments with AWS using their existing tools and skillsets within a common operating environment based on familiar VMware software. This was the genesis behind VMware Cloud on AWS. It aims to deliver a seamlessly integrated hybrid cloud that extends on-premises vSphere environments to a VMware SDDC running on AWS elastic, bare-metal infrastructure.

Powered by VMware Cloud Foundation, VMware Cloud on AWS allows customers to use VMware tools that they already know to continue managing their applications while leveraging several of the benefits of AWS including compute, databases, analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), security, mobile, deployment, application services, and more. VMware customers looking to migrate to the public cloud, need look no farther than VMware Cloud on AWS. Not only does it support the ability to develop entirely new applications, extend the capacity of data centers for existing applications, or quickly provision development and test environments, it also supports containerized workloads and DevOps services.

VMware Cloud on AWS delivers:

  • Enterprise capabilities of VMware SDDC with the agility, unmatched functionality, and operational expertise of AWS's leading public cloud
  • Identical skills, tools, and processes for managing private and public cloud environments so customers have consistent operations, improved productivity, and reduced costs
  • Seamless, fast, and bi-directional workload portability between private and public clouds
  • Flexibility to choose where to run applications based on business needs, while having access to a broad set of AWS services and infrastructure elasticity for VMware SDDC environments
  • Rapid time to value with the ability to scale host capacity up or down in a few minutes, and spin up an entire VMware SDDC in under a couple hours
  • Ability to run, manage, and secure applications in a hybrid IT environment without having to purchase custom hardware, rewrite applications, or modify operating models

The two companies intend to keep innovating together, adding new capabilities and bringing new regions online.


The service is initially available in the AWS US West (Oregon) region and will expand to AWS regions worldwide in 2018. Today customers can consume this service hourly and pay only for each hour that a host is active in their account.

VMware Cloud on AWS

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