by Adam Armstrong

Avere Introduces CloudFusion For AWS

Today Avere Systems introduced a new file storage application for Amazon Web Services (AWS), CloudFusion. This new solution features all the simplicity of a NAS while leveraging three tiers of Amazon storage. CloudFusion uses the performance of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) and the cost-effectiveness Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3).

Last November Avere released its Virtual FXT Edge Filer, a software only, virtual NAS solution for the cloud. CloudFusion is based off of the same technology, only now it brings the same benefits (low latency, high performance, ease of installation and deployment) to smaller datasets that can be used in AWS cloud storage. However CloudFusion uses access patterns and internal caching algorithms to cache user data on different tiers of Amazon storage. Hot data is stored on EC2 RAM, warm or general use data is stored on EBS, and cold (which most likely is the bulk of the data) is stored on the most cost-effective tier S3.

CloudFusion also delivers a NAS feature set and runs standard NAS applications on EC2. The NAS feature set includes snapshots, encryption, compression, and an easy-to-use web-based GUI. The GUI makes it easy to setup and manage the file serving operations of CloudFusion.

Availability and pricing

Avere Systems’ CloudFusion is generally available today and is on the AWS marketplace. End-user software pricing starts at $0.99/hour for AWS r3.xlarge instances (there is also a three week free trial). CloudFusion is made to be used in conjunction with Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS, and Amazon S3, which are separately billed at AWS current rates.  

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