by Adam Armstrong

Amazon Enhances Elastic Block Storage With SSD

Today, Inc. launched enhancements to their Elastic Block Storage (EBS) by backing the service with General Purpose (SSD) volume type as their default storage offering. EBS allows Amazon Web Service (AWS) users to create block storage that range in size from 1GB to 1TB. AWS can attach the volumes to Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), create snapshot backups, and create volumes of snapshots with optional free encryption.

Using the General Purpose (SSD) volume, Amazon aims to boost boot for Linux and Windows time by up to 50%. The new allocation of SSD-backed volume provides up to 3,000 IOPS for 30 minutes and should be more than sufficient for multiple boot cycles. Amazon has also made it easier to choose the default volume type for the boot volume with upcoming updates to further simplify storage configuration.

Today’s launch also allows AWS users to choose between three types of EBS volumes. The General Purpose (SSD) is ideal for small to medium databases and boot volumes and can achieve 48,000 IOPS through RAID configuration. Provisioned IOPS (SSD) provides consistent performance for the most demanding I/O intensive, transactional workloads and large relational or NoSQL databases and can also achieve 48,000 IOPS through RAID configuration. And finally Magnetic or Standard Volume which is ideal for infrequently accessed data and for those seeking the lowest cost per GB.

The enhanced EBS volumes can be created through AWS OpsWorks and with CloudFormation.

Availability and Pricing

  • General Purpose SSD volume as a default is now available and are priced at $0.10/GB/month in the US East (Northern Virginia) Region
  • The price of IOPS for Provisioned IOPS volumes has been reduced by 35%.
  • The cost for Provisioned Storage remains that same at $0.125/GB/month

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