by Michael Rink

Cloudera Releases Three New Cloud Services

Cloudera released three new cloud services as part of the run-up to the release of their much-anticipated Cloudera Data Platform. Cloudera was founded in 2008 as an open-source Apache Hadoop provider and currently provides a variety of data services and software.

Cloudera's three new cloud services are Cloudera Data Warehouse, Cloudera Machine Learning, Cloudera Data Hub. All three services are currently available and priced by the hour on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The services are also included in Cloudera Data Platform which is scheduled for general availability later this year. The first service, Cloudera Data Warehouse, is a cloud-native service designed to swiftly deploy data warehouses for teams of business analysts with secure, self-service access to enterprise data. The second service, Cloudera Machine Learning, is a cloud-native service designed to simplify the process of deploying collaborative machine learning workspaces for teams of data scientists and allows the customer to retain full control of their data. The third, and almost certainly not final service is Cloudera Data Hub, a cloud-native data management and analytics service that helps IT and developers build custom business applications.

All three of the new cloud services will be available on Cloudera Data Platform (CDP). In their first-quarter earnings report this year, Cloudera said that customers have been so excited by Cloudera Data Platform that many chose to delay renewing their agreements in anticipation of its release. CDP builds on both Cloudera's Hadoop distribution (CDH) and the recently merged in Hortonworks Spark distribution (HDP) to simplify security, privacy, and compliance for diverse enterprise data on any cloud through shared data experience (SDX) technologies. SDX makes it easy to create a secure data lake in hours instead of weeks. CDP is designed to work on any cloud, or across multiple clouds including hybrid or fully on-premise clouds as well as public clouds (AWS is the only cloud currently supported but Cloudera promises support for Azure and GCP soon). Cloudera manages to provide all of that while remaining committed to an open-source technology stack. CDP is one hundred percent open source, open compute, open storage and open for integration which protects organizations from vendor lock-in, and allows for a degree of in-house customization that is simply impossible with closed-source software.


Cloudera Data Warehouse, Cloudera Machine Learning, and Cloudera Data Hub cloud services are available on AWS immediately.

Cloudera Data Platform is currently in tech preview for select customers and will be generally available later this year.

Cloudera Data Platform

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