by Adam Armstrong

Google Introduces Nearline Cloud Storage

Today Google introduced a new low cost storage service that allows business to store near limitless amounts of data, Google Nearline Cloud Storage. Nearline acts similar to cold storage, storing all data whether it appears business critical or not, but has the speed and accessibility of the Cloud.

Google has partnered with several major storage providers in order to make adoption of Nearline seamless. These providers include Veritas/Symantec’s NetBackup version 7.7 will support Nearline. NetApp’s SteelStore will deduplicate, encrypt, and compress data before sending it to Nearline. Google is working with Iron Mountain to build an “on-ramp to the cloud via an offline ingestion service that builds on Iron Mountain's security, logistics and data management capabilities.” Organizations will be able to take massive amounts of data and send their disks to Iron Mountain where they will be loaded up into Nearline. And businesses can have Geminare use Nearline as a secondary data center location and cost-effective replication of users’ current data centers.

Google Nearline Cloud Storage benefits include:

  • Low-cost: capacity pricing is very low at $0.01 per GB for data at rest.
  • Fast Performance: all the benefits of cold storage while making the data immediately available. Nearline enables less than 3-second response times for data retrieval and improves SLAs.
  • Security: redundant storage at multiple physical locations protects data. OAuth and granular access controls form strong, configurable security.
  • Integrated: fully integrated with other Google Cloud Storage services, providing a consistent method of access across the entire Google Cloud Storage service line.
  • Simple: no need to adopt new programming models – data manipulation behavior remains the same across Google Cloud Storage services.

Google Nearline Cloud Storage

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