by Lyle Smith

Nexenta and ATTO Technology Announce NexentaStor MetroHA Stretch Cluster

Nexenta and ATTO Technology have jointly announced NexentaStor MetroHA, a stretch cluster that allows data to scale across multiple data centers (such as floors, buildings, and cities) located up to roughly 30 miles apart, offering customers high availability and data mobility. Currently in Version 5 Community Preview (general availability to follow later this year), NexentaStor is the company’s flagship OpenSDS platform that provides customers with unified file and block storage services for demanding storage infrastructures.

Stretch clusters provide the connectivity required to load balance on-site or between two sites. As a result, this gives predictable availability during failure events, a peace-of-mind the all enterprises desire: In the event of a failure at one site, a continued workload availability and disaster recovery will occur at a second location. As such, MetroHA supplements this technology by synchronously mirroring data between sites and ensuring that data services are restored at the secondary location or remote site within seconds; all without any data loss whatsoever.

ATTO indicates that their FibreBridge 6500 Storage Controller, which supports the MetroHA, has a failure rate of less than 0.1 percent, adding that it will improve up-time by 75 percent on average. Additionally, its accelerated engine maintains priority for data transfers while helping to lessen the workload of attached CPUs for improved process efficiency. The ATTO controller also allows multiple nodes to attach to the same group of storage, which streamlines server commands and increases scalability.


The NexentaStor is priced at for $0.18/GB for larger capacity levels (1PB), inclusive of support. The company indicates that cost can decrease with volume and per year based on support. They also offer a two tier distribution model. 

In addition, customers purchasing NexentaStor with the separate MetroHA license require a Gold Level or higher support (starting at $4,900) and on-site installation from a certified partner (starting at $25,000).


ATTO Technology

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