by Adam Armstrong

Primary Data Announces that DataSphere Will Serve As A Universal VASA

Today Primary Data announced that its storage-agnostic data virtualization platform, DataSphere will be designed to serve as a Universal VMware vSphere Storage APIs for Storage Awareness (VASA) storage provider for VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes. DataSphere will also enable existing storage to become VMware VASA-compliant by abstracting the storage into a global dataspace through data virtualization.

Last week Primary Data unveiled DataSphere. As we stated: Through data virtualization and using industry-standard protocols, DataSphere abstracts data from underlying storage making applications see the data as a single global dataspace. In doing so, applications will be able to see across all aspects of storage transparently. DataSphere also has a dynamic policy engine that enables IT to respond to changing SLOs but alerting IT if there is a risk of noncompliance and enabling SLOs to be changed across different storage tiers within the DataSphere interface. Once polices are set, DataSphere tiers the data to the resource that gives it the best benefit. And vVols enables finer control at a VM level making the underlying storage to become VM-aware.

Once users set up vVols to be supported by DataSphere, they can then move virtual disks transparently and non-disruptively across storage tiers. Similar as to how DataSphere pools storage together into a single dataspace, as a VASA, DataSphere can pool resources into a single, easy to manage Virtual Volume. This again gives the benefit of scaling infinity without negatively impacting performance. DataSphere would move VMs around to the best tier automatically through policies setup by administrators.

Primary Data will be showcasing their technology at VMworld at booth #805. 

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