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SolarWinds Announces Several Updates

Today SolarWinds announced several updates centered around its end-to-end hybrid IT management. These include updates to its modular and scalable SolarWinds Orion platform and related products. The new updates allow for deep visibility in both cloud and on-premises storage and a new dynamic drag-and-drop dashboard to visualize infrastructure and application relationships. These features will help simplify monitoring and troubleshooting, while improving the performance of the hybrid cloud.

In April of last year, SolarWinds released its 2016 IT Trends Report: The Hybrid IT Evolution. The report found that 9% of organizations have not migrated any infrastructure or applications to the cloud, with 60% stating they will most likely never transition all services offsite, meaning that Hybrid IT is probably where they are heading. The report also found that many surveyed believed adopting some sort of cloud strategy was key to future success, they also believed that there were many issues with the hybrid cloud that need addressed.

SolarWinds is attempting to overcome some of the challenges pointed out by those in the survey with its SolarWinds Orion platform. SolarWinds states that this platform enables unified monitoring and management of cloud, on-premises, and hybrid IT services. SolarWinds addresses the challenges with several of its tools. With the SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) companies will be able to have deep visibility into the performance of business-critical applications and the infrastructure that supports them on-premises and in the cloud. With SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) businesses will be able to be provided with comprehensive network performance monitoring with the NetPath feature for critical path visualization on-premises and in the cloud. And with SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) companies will have a unique multi-dimensional performance analysis across on-premises and cloud database environments.

New enhancements include:

  • Cloud infrastructure monitoring from within the SolarWinds SAM module. The SolarWinds Orion platform now monitors Amazon Web Services (AWS) instances and volumes via the Amazon CloudWatch API, providing more visibility into cloud applications and the cloud infrastructure that supports them. This enhances what is already provided by the agent-based and agent-less capabilities in the product.
  • Support for Microsoft Azure SQL and AWS Aurora RDS databases within SolarWinds DPA, enabling database administrators and developers to get maximum performance from their cloud databases and reduce infrastructure requirements using Multi-Dimensional Performance Analysis.
  • Support for Cisco Meraki wireless access points within SolarWinds NPM. Cisco Meraki wireless access points are 100 percent cloud-managed, enabling network engineers to focus on configuring network behaviors rather than individual network components. SolarWinds NPM now provides a single robust tool for monitoring both locally managed and Cisco Meraki cloud-managed wireless access points.
  • Enhanced network path monitoring within NetPath in SolarWinds NPM, which provides visibility into network performance and path analysis across the Internet. View devices, applications, networks, and vendors in single-page path analysis to track every hop, and view latency historically or in real-time

A new product that SolarWinds is announcing general availability is SolarWinds PerfStack dashboard. PerfStack is a highly customizable dashboard aimed at troubleshooting Hybrid IT issues. Using PerfStack, admins can selectively drag and drop critical real-time and historical metrics from virtually any SolarWinds Orion-based product (even cloud and on-premises performance data) into a single customizable chart to visualize the relationship between suspect elements. This ability enables admins to more easily identify, isolate, and troubleshoot hybrid IT performance problems. The custom PerfStack charts can be shared with other admins to improve collaboration and solve issues even faster.

As a new component of the SolarWinds Orion platform, PerfStack is included in the latest versions of SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (12.1), SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (6.4), SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (4.2.2), SolarWinds Virtualization Manager (7.1), SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor (6.4), and SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor (2.2.1).

Availability and pricing

All of the above products are available now. Pricing is as follows (including the first year of maintenance):

  • SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor: $2,995 USD
  • SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor: $2,895 USD
  • SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer: $1,995 USD
  • SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer: $1,875 USD
  • SolarWinds Virtualization Manager: $2,995 USD
  • SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor: $2,935 USD
  • SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor: $1,995 USD

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