by Adam Armstrong

VCE Expands Its Portfolio With New Converged Systems

Today VCE announced that it is updating its converged infrastructure portfolio with new platform and software innovations and updates. VCE is announcing a new scale up and scale out architecture, VCE Vscale Architecture; a new family of converged infrastructure systems, the VxBlock Systems; and the latest version of its converged infrastructure management software, VCE Vision Intelligent Operations 3.0. These announcements are aimed at simplifying and speeding up customers move into the hybrid cloud.

VCE Vscale Architecture is a scale out and scale up architecture that uses a next-generation converged fabric to interconnect multiple converged infrastructure systems, such as VCE’s Vblock, and data center elements, providing optimized, on-demand resource sharing. Other Vscale modular building blocks can be connected as needed and all modular are interoperable and come with VCE Release Compatibility Matrix.

Vscale Architecture benefits include:

  • Eliminate application silos
  • Deliver optimal resource pools for workloads running on any system, in any data center
  • Bring second-platform and third-platform applications onto the same converged infrastructure
  • Adapt swiftly to evolving business needs by scaling compute and storage independently or together
  • Agility and flexibility to accelerate time-to-value
  • Simplified converged management and operations at scale
  • Risk mitigation through standardization and lifecycle management

VxBlock systems are VCE latest family of converged infrastructure systems, including the VxBlock System 740, VxBlock System 540 and VxBlock System 340.VxBlock systems offer customers more choice when it comes to data center infrastructure. The system announced today gives customers a choice of network virtualization solutions between Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) and VMware NSX. VxBlock Systems receive the same “VCE Experience” of factory-based pre-integration, pre-testing and pre-validation with seamless component-level updates, ongoing lifecycle assurance, and unified single-call support. VxBlock Systems can be combined with Vblocks for additional use cases.

Vision Intelligent Operations 3.0 is the latest version of VCE’s converged infrastructure management software, and represents a major update. Vision software capabilities have been expanded to provide unified intelligence across multiple VCE converged infrastructure systems (either independent or as part of a Vscale architecture) enabling efficient multi-system management and converged operations at scale. Version 3.0 also introduces special packages tailored for RCM compliance and security hardening, which are available as add-ons.

Aside from todays announcement, VCE has introduced several other offerings recently to expand its portfolio of converged infrastructure include:

  • VCE technology extensions – hardware extensions enabling additional flexibility and scalability for new and existing Vblock systems.
  • Vblock System 540 – an all-flash converged infrastructure system powered by EMC’s Xtrem-IO, Cisco Unified Computing, and Cisco Nexus ACI-Ready networking.
  • Vblock Systems 740 – the most advanced converged infrastructure system with high performance, capacity and availability, powered by EMC’s VMAX3, Cisco Unified Computing, and Cisco Nexus ACI-Ready networking.
  • VCE Foundation for Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud – aimed at simplifying deployment and management of hybrid cloud environments through integration with VCE converged infrastructure with VMware and EMC technologies.
  • VCE Foundation for Cisco UCS Director – simplifying the move to cloud by integrating Cisco UCS Director software on VCE converged infrastructure.


VCE Vscale Architecture, VCE VxBlock Systems and VCE Vision Intelligent Operations 3.0 will be available to order in the second quarter of 2015. Additional VxBlock Systems will be introduced throughout 2015.

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