by Adam Armstrong

Veritas Announces New Cloud Data Management Solutions

Today at Veritas Vision 2016, Veritas Technologies announced a new Cloud Data Management Suite aimed at helping companies as they transform to digital business. While these new solutions are designed to help companies manage hybrid clouds, and drive more value from their data, the three areas of focus will be on: data protection, data availability, and data insight.

As we all know by now, data is growing and there is no end in sight to the overall volume or the increasing speed at which it grows. Most organizations now know that they can gain key insights from this data that can help streamline their business and potentially help generate new revenue. In order to store all of this data organizations some times need to store data in multiple places. Once data ends up in more than one place a series of complications can occur in protecting this data, being able to retrieve it, and to gain value from it. Veritas’ new solutions are designed to address these issues.

When one thinks of Veritas and NetBackup the first thing that comes to mind is data protection. Veritas currently supports some major cloud providers such as AWS and Google. This means that companies that want to take advantage of the cloud for its scale and costs benefits can do so knowing their data is protected. Veritas not only will continue to support AWS and Google, NetBackup will support Microsoft Azure and OpenStack clouds in the future with enhanced cloud connector capabilities.

For data availability, Veritas is tackling the issue with three solutions, one for OpenStack, a software-defined storage (SDS) solution to access data wherever it resides, and one aimed at the scalable hybrid cloud. Veritas is working with OpenStack with its new Veritas HyperScale for OpenStack SDS solution. This new solution enables companies to deploy OLTP tier one and tier two applications on OpenStack environments. Veritas states that users will be able to ensure storage quality of service and application resiliency on their OLTP applications with this new solution. HyperScale for OpenStack uses a unique architecture to provide policy-based workload deployment, offloads backups and snapshots from compute resources, and can perform live migrations in case of storage and network failures. Veritas claims that HyperScale for OpenStack will achieve superior performance versus cost.

Veritas is announcing its new Veritas Access that claims it can seamlessly access data wherever it resides, on or off premise, in AWS or in new OpenStack clouds. Veritas Access has automated tiering that can move cold, or cooler data, to lower cost storage such as AWS. Veritas states that hot data can be brought back quickly or stored on more expensive storage for quick access. Veritas Access can be installed in any commodity x86 hardware.

Veritas announced that it will take its popular NetBackup Auto Image Replication and integrate it with Veritas Resiliency Platform 2.1. When the two technologies are integrated, IT can orchestrate complex recoveries for thousands of virtual machines with single-click automation, according to Veritas. This will be beneficial to organizations that need a unified resiliency strategy for complex, multi-platform and multi-vendor hybrid cloud environments.

To provide customer with better insight into their data, NetBackup is working with Information Map to integrate both data visibility and data protection. This integration will address the challenges that are inherent in managing unstructured data. The newly integrated solution gives IT insight into the company’s unstructured data and global data environment. Not only can companies gain insight into their data they can cut down on costs by knowing what data is truly valuable and what data to back up.


Support for Azure and OpenStack Cloud and Veritas HyperScale for OpenStack is expected to be available in the coming quarters. Veritas Access is available in controlled release. Veritas Information Map is available now.

Veritas HyperScale for OpenStack

Veritas Access

Veritas Information Map

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