by Adam Armstrong

Veritas Releases 360 Data Management Suite

Today Veritas Technologies released its new offering that is a combination of its entire data management technology portfolio, Veritas 360 Data Management Suite. First introduced last year, Veritas' 360 Data management has been all about making it easier for customers and channel partners to transform their organizations. Today the company simplified the process further with the entire portfolio under a single subscription license.

With the new era of the cloud, data management is becoming the main area of concern for IT (previously infrastructure management was a higher concern but now much of the infrastructure is being managed by someone else). As data and applications are migrating to various clouds, organizations need to know what data is where for regulation reasons as well as cost savings (low priority data needs to be on more cost-effective storage) and they need to protect data as it moves. The new Veritas 360 Data Management Suite addresses these concerns while allowing companies to focus on moving forward and worrying about their data less.

The new 360 Data Management Suite will be offered in three different additoins depending on what the company needs.

The three different additions include:

  • Bronze lays the foundation for data management with data visibility, backup and archive with NetBackup 8.0, Information Map and Enterprise Vault File Management 12.1.2.
  • Silver facilitates business continuity and workload mobility by enabling disaster recovery and application portability across the multi-cloud, with the addition of the Veritas Resiliency Platform 2.2.
  • Gold optimizes storage utilization and performance by eliminating copy management overhead and leveraging software-defined storage paradigms with the addition of Veritas Velocity 2.0 and Veritas Access 7.2.1.

Availability and Pricing

The Veritas 360 Data Management Suite is available now. The suite comes in the above three models and is licensed per terabyte of data.

Veritas 360 Data Management Suite

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