by Adam Armstrong

VMware Updates EVO:RAIL With More Configuration Options

VMware announced today that it is updating its EVO:RAIL to offer more choice and customization for Customers. Since it was first announced VMware EVO: RAIL has partnered with several companies including HP, Supermicro & Nexenta, Dell, NetApp, Hitachi, and EMC. VMware has listened to customers and partner feedback to bring even more choice and flexibility to EVO:RAIL.

VMware’s EVO:RAIL promises VMs in minutes after powering on. It was designed to dramatically simplify delivery and deployment of software-defined infrastructures in a rapid and repeatable manner. EVO:RAIL comes with a 100% fully integrated software stack including: VMware vSphere, VMware Virtual SAN, VMware vCenter Log Insight, and the EVO: RAIL engine. And EVO:RAIL appliances can automatically scale.

The new configurations will allow customers the choice of higher CPU core densities and memory per node as well as an increase in VMware VSAN data store capacity. The new configuration options include:

  • Dual 6, 8, 10 or 12 core Intel Haswell or Ivy Bridge CPUs per node
  • 128GB to 512GB of memory per node
  • VMware Virtual SAN configuration option 1: 
    • 1 x 400 GB SSD with 3 x 1.2 TB HDD per node
    • 1.6 TB SSD with 14.4 TB of raw storage capacity per appliance
  • VMware Virtual SAN configuration option 2: 
    • 1 x 800 GB SSD with 5 x 1.2 TB HDD per node
    • 3.2 TB SSD with 24 TB of raw storage capacity per appliance

VMware recently announced that EVO:RAIL can now scale up to 8 appliances in a cluster for 32 nodes overall. With the above configurations customers will be able to service and support up to 1,600 genera VMs or 2,400 virtual desktop VMs per 32 node cluster. It should be noted that each of the four nodes in an appliance will need to be configured identically.

Partners will have the choice as to what configurations that they offer to their customers, as the partners will know what configuration work best with their appliances. This latest announcement is most likely the first step of several new innovations with VMware’s EVO:RAIL when it comes to giving partners the opportunity to differentiate. 

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