by Adam Armstrong

VMware vSAN Continues To Gain Customers

VMware recently announced that customer adoption of its Virtual SAN is continuing to grow, now topping 5,500. On top of adding customers, VMware has pointed out that the updated branding of their Virtual SAN product is vSAN similar to vSphere. Several customers, users, competitors, and news sources (including this one) have incorrectly named the product as VSAN, when the proper letter case for the “v” is lower case. From here on, the product will be referred to as vSAN as opposed to VSAN or Virtual SAN.

VMware vSAN is a hyper-converged, software powered infrastructure solution from VMware currently in version 6.5. Some of the main benefits to vSAN are the ability to avoid hardware vendor lock-in while leveraging a large, proven ecosystem of partners to meet customer needs. User can continue using their preferred software for data protection and file services. vSAN can be used as a common storage platform as the company scales to meet present day and future demands. And, according to VMware, customers can see a reduction in TCO as much as 50%. The lower TCO is based off of vSAN software nature, customers don’t need to overprovision and can grow as needed. We reviewed vSAN both in hybrid and in all-flash configurations and found that it blew away our expectations for software-defined solutions, taking home one of only three Editor's Chocie awards for 2016

vSAN has been around for a little less than three years now. A few months after its release it landed 500 customers, by earlier this year VMware increased that ten fold with 5,000 customers. In the last quarter VMware announced the addition of 500 more customers. They are also pointing out that software license bookings continuing to exceed expectations. According to their Chief Technologist, Duncan Epping, the bookings for vSAN and VxRail have increased over 150% year over year. It seams as though 6,000 customers is a certainty by the end of next quarter, solidifying vSAN as the most adopted HCI solution in the market. 

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