by Lyle Smith

Western Digital Capital Makes $10 Million Investment in Amplidata

Amplidata has announced that Western Digital Capital has made a $10 million strategic investment in the company. In addition, HGST has selected Amplidata’s Himalaya software to jointly develop a family of ultra-dense storage solutions in order to help tackle the rapidly growing demand to store data in both public and private cloud data centers.

With the amount of data created and copied annually expected to grow to 44ZB by 2020, the companies plan to create solutions that will significantly improve the storage economics for the Exabyte-scale needs of the world’s largest businesses, which will be available sometime during the first half of 2015.

Amplidata is a privately held cloud storage solutions provider that offers a scale out storage system technology specifically designed to improve storage providers' ability to meet increasing demands for capacity and reliability. Amplidata’s flagship solution is AmpliStor, which is an object-based software defined storage solution (SDS) for enterprise, private cloud, and public cloud implementations for a wide range of industries. AmpliStor uses patented BitSpread and BitDynamics technologies to help data durability reach greater than 15 nines, infinite scalability from petabytes to exabytes, and extreme capacity and operational efficiency to significantly reduce CapEx and OpEx.

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