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Enterprise software, largely consisting of backup and recovery applications.
by Brian Beeler

SanDisk FlashSoft Caching Software Review (Windows)

SanDisk FlashSoft is a software package designed to leverage small amounts of flash to accelerate hard drive based workloads. Like other caching software packages, the reasoning goes that within most applications, like a database, there is only so much data that is very active at any given time. Rather than place all of that application data on an expensive flash tier, size your flash for the percentage of active data and let smart software decide when to promote hot data to the flash cache. Intuitively the argument makes sense as many enterprises would rather stretch out the life of existing arrays and server hardware or make smaller new hardware investments, and can leverage FlashSoft to do so relatively economically. FlashSoft estimates enterprises can gain 3-5 times the performance of applications like SQL Server thanks to the huge gains in overall latency and responsiveness of the most in demand data. 

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by StorageReview Enterprise Lab

How To Lower Virtualized Data Center Expense With USB Flash

One of the little known or little explored secrets with servers running VMware ESXi 5.x is they can be booted off of USB or SD flash media. In such a scenario, enterprises could dump HBAs or RAID cards and the hard drives or SSDs that are used to boot the servers. Going this route yields a CAPEX benefit for new systems, the cost of flash media for boot is insignificant compared to the drives and storage adapter cards required to spin up a server. There are also gains in OPEX; the implications of moving to USB or SD flash media have a big advantage when considering the power required for a small flash media drive for boot vs. the more common practice of adapters and drives. 

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by Josh Linden

EMC Syncplicity Review

Syncplicity is EMC’s cloud-based file management and collaboration platform which was acquired in 2012 to integrate multi-client synchronization and security features with the EMC’s public and private cloud storage portfolio. With no end in sight in the movement towards mobile staffing and technology, it's vital for enterprise storage vendors to offer solutions that support file synchronization while maintaining IT administrative control over business data. Syncplicity can be used as a subscription-based model service with EMC’s infrastructure, or customers can deploy Syncplicity with EMC’s Isilon or Atmos storage platforms. 

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