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LSI Announces Nytro XP 6200 Series PCIe Flash Accelerator Cards

LSI has announced the Nytro XP 6200 PCIe flash series of accelerator cards, which use LSI SandForce controllers to target clients in datacenter and SMB markets by using affordable MLC flash and focusing on optimized power and thermal characteristics. LSI intends for the XP 6200 series to open a new market for by pricing these PCIe flash solutions within reach of small and medium businesses as well as hyperscale cloud and web datacenters. Nytro XP 6200 series cards will offer up to 2TB of MLC flash starting at $2.44 USD per gigabyte when ordered in small quantities.

According to LSI benchmarks, the Nytro XP 6200 can deliver up to 185,000 IOPS read performance with an average latency of less than 120 microseconds. The XP 6200 uses a host offload management architecture to make performance and latency more consistent by assuming workloads that would otherwise require the host server’s CPU and memory resources. The Nytro XP 6200 is optimized for thermal and system-level power, with specified power consumption of less than one watt per 98GB of capacity.

Pricing and Availability

Production shipments of Nytro XP 6200 series cards are expected in December 2013. In five-unit minimum quantities, the Nytro XP-6209-4A1024 1TB MLC PCIe card will be priced at $2,899 and the Nytro XP-6210-4A2048 2TB MLC PCIe card will be priced at $4,999.

LSI Nytro application acceleration product portfolio

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