by Josh Shaman

Permabit Annouces Albireo Compress and Replica

Permabit Technology is announcing its Albireo Compress and Albireo Replica data compression and replication applications that integrate with Permabit Albireo Virtual Data Optimizer (VDO). Permabit already offers a comprehensive Linux-based software-defined-storage solution in VDO that features deduplication and thin provisioning. Compress works with VDO's deduplication to reduce data storage requirements by as much as 35x. Replica coordinates with VDO to optimize data for content. Together with existing features on Albireo VDO, Compress and Replica enable Permabit OEMs to deliver performance and scalability on top of lowered time, resource and monetary investment.

For an idea of how each new feature works, we can dive in a bit more. Albireo Compress compacts data the first time it is visible, while additional copies of that data stored on the disk are deduplicated by VDO. VDO doesn't require additional compression steps, making this feature ideal for database, backup and file applications. Albireo Replica provides replication between VDO-enabled storage devices and remote file copy from supported devices to the device with VDO. Replica works well in environments utilizing full and incremental backup as well as offsite disaster recovery and data transfer to cloud applications.

Permabit Technology Corporation

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