by Adam Armstrong

Permabit Releases HIOPS Compression

Permabit Technology Corporation has announced the release of HIOPS compression, the first inline data reduction solution. Data compression has been around for decades however storage vendors have been unable to meet the performance requirements of the most active primary storage environments. HIOPS is designed to address the most demanding primary storage random access workloads, including online transaction processing database environments.

Structured data needs high performance storage and is highly compressible, however compression can cause performance degradation and has been recommended that it should be turned off. HIOPS Compression is optimized specifically for primary storage to deliver consistent high-speed performance without degradation to the system. Using parallelization to leverage multicore architectures, HIOPS Compression was shown to achieve 35X storage savings and 650,000 IOPS, in a Permabit lab test with Permabit Albireo VDO.

HIOPS Compression works by inline deduplication first. The first time unique data is seen it is compressed and subsequent copies of that data are deduplicated without requiring an additional compression step. HIOPS Compress 4KB blocks, packing them into 4KB physical segments on disk because of this, a random read can never have a higher IO cost than it would without compression. As the 4KB segments are read in, they are placed into cache which accelerates read performance. Up to 14 blocks can be packed into a single 4KB segement and because HIOPS uses parallelization it can handle many compressions at once and package many segments at once. And background scrubbing has been eliminated, enhancing performance.

HIOPS Compression benefits include:

  • Optimized for primary storage
  • Up to 35X storage savings when combined with deduplication
  • Improves overall performance by up to 25%
  • Designed for multi-core processors with parallelization
  • Delivers consistent high speed performance across a wide variety of workloads
  • No performance impact when combined with deduplication
  • No garbage collection processes


HIOPS Compression is available now with Albiero VDO and Albiero eVDO software.

Permabit HIOPS Compression page

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