by Mark Kidd

EMC Acquires XtremIO and Announces “Project Thunder” PCIe Storage

EMC has announced it is acquiring XtremIO, which will provide important resources for EMC as it continues to broaden its flash storage portfolio. EMC entered the flash storage market in 2008 when it became first to integrate flash drives into enterprise storage arrays; in 2011, EMC shipped over 24 PBs of flash storage. The all-cash transaction is not expected to have a material impact to EMC GAAP or non-GAAP EPS for the full 2012 fiscal year.

EMC has also announced "Project Thunder," optimized for high-frequency, low-latency read/write workloads. Project Thunder will build upon the EMC’s VFCache PCIe technology to leverage the performance of flash with a dedicated Server Networked Flash-based appliance. EMC FAST (Fully Automated Storage Tiering) software enables customers to automatically move high-performance data to enterprise flash drives and automatically moves less-active data to SAS/FC and NL-SAS/SATA storage tiers to reduce costs.

With the XtermIO acquisition, it remains to be see what happens to the Micron P320h and the LSI WarpDrive, which had previosuly been qualified by EMC for use in their caching storage solutions. 

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