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HP Announces Several New Helion Solutions

At HP Discover 2014, HP announced several new Helion cloud solutions. They are enterprise solutions geared toward hybrid IT environments, HPC resources, cloud development and deployment, and cloud management.

The new solutions include:

HP Helion OpenStack – a scale-out, hardened and curated commercial-grade product designed to deliver open-source cloud computing technology across hybrid IT environments. OpenStack allows customers to quickly deploy cloud services, enables a comprehensive range of cloud solutions, reduce complexity, accelerate and support large scale-out deployments, and allows customers to avoid vender lock-in.

Key benefits to HP Helion OpenStack include:

  • Easy to build, manage, and consume hybrid clouds
  • Provides an open-source cloud-computing technology in a maintainable solution
  • Accelerates cloud deployment

HP Helion Network – an open network designed with the ability to create hybrid IT environments that address local and global requirements. HP Helion Network will build on the strength of HP CloudAgile Service that already has more and 115 service providers to offer a unique commercial and operating model for service providers to accelerate innovation and deliver open standards-based hybrid cloud services.

Key benefits to HP Helion Network include:

  • An open, secure, and agile hybrid IT environment with no vendor lock-in
  • Access to an expanded enterprise-grade cloud services portfolios
  • The ability to meet country-specific data regulations
  • Harnessing HP and partner technology and expertise to drive new revenue streams and lower costs
  • Enhance market coverage with collaborative sales and marketing efforts
  • Access flexible payment structures aligning IT investment with revenue

HP Helion Self-service HPC Solution – makes HPC resources more agile and easier to access. HP Helion Self-service HPC Solution provides a self-service portal that makes using HPC easy to use and allows more staff to be able to use it. The solution also gives organizations the option of accessing and managing the HPC themselves or having HP manage them through a pay-for-use model. The solution also offers a customizable HPC portal experience while also automating complex HPC services.

Key benefits to HP Helion Self-service HPC Solution include:

  • Ease of access and use
  • Familiar interface
  • Rapid automation
  • Open, efficient management
  • Secure, scalable performance
  • Pay-for-use model to ease access and management for businesses

HP Helion Development Platform – a cloud application platform providing polyglot runtime with integrated frameworks, applications, and services. The HP Helion Development Platform provides an open interoperable platform allowing enterprise developers to quickly develop, scale, and deploy cloud native applications. The application development and portability will be enabled across traditional, hybrid, private, and public clouds.

Key benefits to HP Helion Development Platform include:

  • Ability to rapidly develop and deploy cloud native applications
  • Enables application portability across hybrid clouds
  • Offers a secure, scalable performance for hybrid cloud applications

Availability and Pricing

  • HP Helion OpenStack will be generally available in the second half of 2014 and will $1,400 per sever.
  • HP Helion Network is expected to launch in the fourth quarter of 2014
  • HP Helion Self-service HPC Solution will be available in June 2014, with modular pricing tailored to each organization’s need.
  • HP Helion Development Platform will be available as an optional add-on for HP Helion OpenStack in the second half of 2014.

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