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HP Updates Helion Portfolio

At HP Discover, HP announced today that is was updating its Helion portfolio with the latest release of its flagship integrated enterprise cloud solution, Helion CloudSystem 9.0. HP has also announced enhancements to its Helion Managed Cloud Services. These new updates and enhancements are aimed at helping organizations realize the benefits of transitioning to a hybrid infrastructure.

With enterprises spending as much as 90% of their IT budgets maintaining existing systems, migration to the cloud is becoming increasingly attractive. HP estimates that organizations can save up to 40% of their budgets by migrating to the cloud. HP Helion CloudSystem will help customers realize the benefits of hybrid infrastructure using their existing and new applications. It is an integrated, end-to-end, private cloud solution that is designed for traditional and cloud native workloads, enabling automation, orchestration and control across multiple heterogeneous clouds, workloads and technologies.

The latest release gives customers the flexibility they need by expanding support for multiple hypervisors and multiple clouds. Version 9.0 also integrates HP Helion OpenStack and the HP Helion Development Platform providing customers with an enterprise grade open source platform for cloud native application development and infrastructure.

Helion CloudSystem 9.0 features/benefits include:

  • Simultaneous support for multiple cloud environments, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, HP Helion Public Cloud, OpenStack technology and VMware, with the ability to fully control of where workloads reside
  • The latest release of HP Helion OpenStack, exposing OpenStack software APIs to simplify and speed development and integration with other clouds and offering developer-friendly add-ons with the HP Helion Development Platform based on Cloud Foundry
  • Support for multiple hypervisors, now including Microsoft Hyper-V, Red Hat KVM, VMware vSphere, as well as bare metal deployments, offering customers additional choice and avoiding vendor lock-in
  • Support for AWS-compatible private clouds through integration with HP Helion Eucalyptus, giving customers the flexibility to deploy existing AWS workloads onto clouds they control
  • Support for unstructured data through the Swift OpenStack Object Storage project
  • The latest version of HP Cloud Service Automation, providing the management capabilitiestocontrolhybridcloudenvironmentsandabuilt-inpathtosupport distributed compute, efficient object storage and rapid cloud native application development
  • An intuitive setup model delivered as a virtual appliance, allowing for installation in hours 

HP Helion Managed Cloud Services helps customers manage their business applications in the cloud and helps improve performance with integrated applications. The new enhancements this service are offering will offer greater flexibility with two new betas: HP Helion OpenStack Managed Private Cloud and HP Helion Eucalyptus Managed Private Cloud. Both of these betas will be consumable as a service via an easy access portal. Helion Managed Cloud Services will also support the development of cloud native applications within a managed cloud service via the
HP Helion Development Platform.

HP Helion Managed Cloud Services features/benefits include:

  • New automated provisioning capabilities through a self-service portal based on HP Cloud Service Automation, enabling clouds to be deployed more quickly
  • Support for multiple platforms to enable hybrid cloud proof-of-concepts using HP Helion OpenStack and HP Helion Eucalyptus
  • Cloud native application development capabilities through integration with the HP Helion Development Platform, allowing enterprises to rapidly develop, deploy and deliver cloud native apps


Helion CloudSystem 9.0 is expected to be available later this year as standalone software that supports a multiple vendor hardware environment or as a fully integrated blade-based or hyper-converged infrastructure with HP ConvergedSystem. HP Helion Managed Cloud enhancements are also expected to be available later this year. 

HP Helion CloudSystem

HP Helion Managed Cloud Services

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