by Adam Armstrong

Panzura Controllers Enable Global Locking File System In VMware vCloud Air

Today Panzura announced that its Cloud Controllers are now available on VMware vCloud Air, transforming vCloud Air Object Storage into a globally distributed file system. Panzura states that this will enable vCloud Air to appear like it is just another room of the corporate datacenter. Panzura has undergone technical validation within the vCloud Air environment and is in the Elite tier of the vCloud Air ISV program and listed on the VMware Solution Exchange.

Customers want to take advantage of the Cloud but don’t want to run into the complex networking, data transfer, performance, and authentication issues normally associated with hybrid cloud. Panzura can achieve the effect of a hybrid cloud by co-locating the same consistent, locking file system in vCloud Air as in the datacenter. This allows applications designed for the data center to be run in vCloud Air with no changes. Panzura supports both object storage options in vCloud Air, EMC, and Google Cloud Storage. 

The Panzura Global File System can eliminate the need for WAN Optimization and expensive MPLS networks between offices by collapsing all tiers of legacy enterprise storage into vCloud Air Object Storage. Applications built for LAN will work just as well over WAN, some files, such as CAD, will go from open times of 20-40 minutes to 10-20 seconds. Storage footprint will also be reduces with global deduplication, each unique block of data will only be stored once across the entire enterprise.

Along with the above benefits, Panzura controllers also offer security benefits. Using FIPS 140-2 certified security and customer retained security keys, Panzura controllers keep data secure at rest and in transit between controllers. According to Panzura, this makes the data more secure in the cloud than it would be behind corporate firewalls.

VMware vCloud Air customers will also have access to Panzura SkyBridge. Benefits of SkyBridge with vCloud Air include:

  • Creating a layer 2 network connection between the cloud and corporate datacenter.
  • Enabling corporate authentication services without federation to the cloud.  
  • Automating, orchestrating, and launching all required cloud compute instances.
  • Enabling the use of corporate DHCP so that the cloud infrastructure is a part of corporate IP namespace. 
  • Creating a file system instance in vCloud Air that is part of the same consistent, locking Global File System that is in corporate datacenter locations. 


Panzura Cloud controllers for VMware vCloud Air are available now

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VMware vCloud Air

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