by Adam Armstrong

Unitrends Releases Recovery Series Gen 8

Today Unitrends released the new Gen 8 version of its flagship Recovery Series backup appliances. The latest version of the hardware appliances have built-in efficiencies that are designed to increase density, reduce power and cooling, and help customers save on costs. The Gen 8 Recovery Series are also pre-integrated with Unitrends Backup 10.2 software that can optimize cloud replication and performance. 

Unitrends has taken its Recovery Series appliances and expanded it to 15 different models. These models range from 2TB to 120TB depending on customers’ needs. The above-mentioned efficiencies are stated to deliver 20% more density in the same form factor along with up to 60% reduction in power and cooling costs. The appliances also have a new self-healing storage to monitor and correct hardware issues. The new appliances can automatically notify customers and open support tickets if they detect something wrong. 

As more and more organizations move to the cloud, vendors need to look for ways to ease this process. With Gen 8 Recovery Series, users will have pre-integrated Unitrends Backup 10.2 software that, according to the company, will streamline the process of transferring data from on-prem to the cloud. Unitrends is offering six months of free cloud storage and disaster recovery with the purchase of a new appliance and cloud services. And as a final icing on the cake, Unitrends gives customers the option to subscribe to is Pledge Program that replaces the appliance every four years at no additional cost. 

Unitrends Recovery Series

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