by Adam Armstrong

Coho Integrates Docker Into Storage Systems

Today Coho Data announced that it is integrating with Docker containers and microservice orchestration support. This integration will allow third-party applications to run within Coho’s customers’ storage systems. Coho’s new container-converged storage system or Warpconvergence, bridges the gap between old and new datacenter infrastructures.

Containers, such as Docker, are full of potential to support internal development teams that demand fast cycle times and a wide range of new infrastructure features. Coho sees the potential in containers and is bringing them into standard storage platforms. Leveraging Google’s Kubernetes interfaces for configuring and deploying microservices, Coho is able to run containers directly on storage nodes, a process known as warpconvergence.

Warpconvergence enables customers to run new data-centric services and applications directly adjacent to stored data. Data no longer gets packed away where it sits; data becomes active and integrated into workflows. This new integrated technology would be ideal for data analytics, development platform, and data protection.

Benefits include:

  • Deep datacenter consolidation. Using containers allows workloads to be run where the data resides.
  • Application portability. Enabling containers, as well as an internally hosted Docker registry, opens up a wide catalog of applications that can be hosted within the single storage platform and allows for a community of contributors to extend and evolve Coho’s data platform.
  • End-to-end agility and reliability. Full container integration within the storage system enables faster, seamless provisioning, managing of compute and storage resources as a whole, combining the speed and flexibility of containers with both network integration and enterprise-class data services.

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