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Datrium Announces First Server Powered Storage System, DVX

Today Datrium announced the general availability of its server powered storage system, the DVX. According to Datrium, the DVX is the “first storage system to split server-powered speed from appliance-based durable capacity, dramatically simplifying storage performance management.” Datrium also claims that 32-host DVX can hit 1 million IOPS while using data-reduced commodity server flash capacity. They further claim that this can be done at a much lower price than array flash.

Based in Silicon Valley, Datrium was founded in 2012 by architects of Data Domain, including Brian Biles, Hugo Patterson, and Sazzala Reddy, and VMware, including Ganesh Venkitachalam and Boris Weissman. Datrium’s main focus it providing server-powered storage systems.

As opposed to being appliance- or server-only, the DVX is server-powered. Datrium describes the DVX as:
Performance for IO and data services uses VM host cores, and data is kept on server-local SSDs for fast, off-network reads.  But writes go synchronously to a network attached Datrium storage appliance, the NetShelf, where data is kept durable, allowing servers to be stateless for easier host administration.  As a result, actions are isolated and localized, for simpler troubleshooting and performance scaling.  All administration is VM-centric and end-to-end, reducing storage management headaches and cost.

As far as performance goes, Datrium claims that total bandwidth can be as high as 30,000 IOPS per host (though performance is dictated by sever CPU and SSD selection). Support up to 32 hosts the DVX can achieve an aggregate of 1 million IOPS. And the NetShelf D12X4 write bandwidth across a 10Gb link is up to 800 MB/s. DVX can also scale compute for features such as always-on deduplication and compression.

Datrium DVX allows customers to manage their storage the way they would manage their VMs. For example if performance SLAs decay on a host, admins can use vMotion to move the workload to a different host with more headroom. For upgrades, customers only need to upgrade servers and SSDs not the NetShelf. DVX supports vSphere 5.5 and 6.0. 

Availability and pricing

Datrium DVX is available today in the US and is expected to be available internationally later this year. The starting list price is $125,000. 

Datrium DVX

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