by Adam Armstrong

EMC Reveals Bigger, Better, Faster DSSD D5

Today at EMC World 2016, EMC Corporation announced new Rack-Scale Flash offerings, including a new VCE VxRack 1000 Series System with DSSD and new dual DSSD D5 systems. The DSSD was announced in February and release back in March of this year. EMC is going to make the DSSD a key building block of modern and future data centers with its ability to accelerate performance of traditional databases and data warehouses as well as help address high performance real-time analytics issues.

As we reported earlier this year, EMC is calling 2016 the year of all-flash and this is reflected in their increasing shipments of all flash arrays. The DSSD D5 was a big part of the year of all-flash. The DSSD is an all NVMe flash storage that claims to deliver up to 10 million IOPS with an average latency of 100 microseconds and throughput as high as 100GB/s. These are some impressive performance claims aimed at the most data-intensive applications. Though it’s only been out for a short period of time, EMC is announcing enhancements to the DSSD D5.

Today EMC is demonstrating that striping two D5 systems together with high performance databases in a single rack delivers 2X the IOPS, bandwidth and capacity; one-third the latency and a lower TCO than the fastest solution for databases on the market today. This means that customers will be able to consolidate multiple data marts, accelerate high performance business intelligence applications, and impact time to value for many other high performance analytics applications.

EMC is also taking the performance power of the DSSD and combining it with a VCE VxRack System to create a fully-engineered storage, networking and compute system that provides customers with a single pre-configured and optimized solution for their high-performance databases and data warehouses. This should provide customers an accelerated time-to-value, with faster deployment, and the ability to scale as needed.

At EMC World 2016 we were able to record several live podcasts while we were there. We spoke with John McCool, SVP with DSSD inside the Emerging Tech Division of EMC, about the new DSSD D5.


DSSD’s support for dual D5 systems with high performance databases and VxRack System with DSSD will be available in the second half of 2016.

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