by Adam Armstrong

FalconStor Joins OpenStack

FalconStor Software Inc. announced that it has joined the OpenStack community. Following on the footsteps of FreeStor’s general availability, FalconStor joining the OpenStack community illustrates its commitment and vision to enable customers to take advantage of the flexibility and cost savings enabled by truly open, software-defined approaches.

FalconStor was founded in 2000. They offer an award-winning platform for data migration, business continuity, disaster recovery, optimized backup, and deduplication. Their main product is FreeStor, industry's first horizontal converged data service platform. FreeStor allows data to flow horizontally across older and newer technology, both physical and virtual. This horizontal flow is accomplished through FreeStor’s Intelligent Abstraction core. The Intelligent Abstraction core allows data in all of its forms to migrate across all platforms by optimizing the storage resources into a storage resource pool.

The OpenStack Foundation is made of thousands of individual members to promote the development, distribution, and adoption of the OpenStack cloud operating system. Backed by more than 500 participating organizations, OpenStack is a massively scalable, open source cloud operating system that is on the verge of becoming the industry standard for public and private clouds.  Combining FalconStor’s and OpenStack’s technologies will enable organizations to move data protection operations to the cloud, deliver efficient backup and disaster recovery, and help drive service-oriented data protection.

FalconStor’s main site

OpenStack’s main site

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