by Lyle Smith

Hitachi Data Systems Acquires Sepaton

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) has acquired Sepaton, a company that manufactures scalable and cost-efficient purpose-built backup appliances (PBBA). Hitachi states that the addition of Sepaton as a wholly-owned subsidiary is part of their larger HDS data protection strategy that offers enterprise customers comprehensive data protection that is scalable and integrated. HDS customers will now have access to a broad portfolio of data protection solutions, which allows Hitachi to tackle customer issues with a much more extensive selection of effective technology. 

HDS’s method is a service-level-oriented protection scheme that takes in consideration both the cost of protection as well as business needs for data availability such as the number of copies, location of copies, and frequency of copies. Hitachi believes that the acquisition of Sepaton will improve their ability to help customers reduce the cost of protection, enable more data to be protected against disaster, and offer better flexibility in where or how it is protected. Additionally, customers will now have access to both HDS’ market-leading solutions and services with Sepaton’s enterprise data protection. This allows IT organizations to have confidence that that their data will be stored, protected, and managed on a very reliable infrastructure.

As far as new deduplication functionality goes, these new offerings give customers the ability to efficiently leverage its power without having to make significant changes to their computing environment. For instance, Sepaton’s deduplication technology can fit up to 25TB of data into only 1TB of storage.

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