by Brian Beeler

Join the StorageReview Thought Leadership Panel

The StorageReview Thought Leadership Panel brings together industry leaders from all over the world who buy, deploy and administer storage, infrastructure and applications. Panelists include the broad scope of IT users from the midmarket to Fortune 500 enterprises. The goal of the panel is simple, magnify the voice of the customer on be it directly via thought leadership posts to the site, or indirectly by acting as a sounding board aiding to the depth of news and reviews coverage on the site.

Why Join Us?

Enterprise IT coverage is anything but independent. Entire websites that appear independent on the outside post content that is nearly all paid for by vendors. The net result isn’t the voice of objective journalism, or comparative analysis by experts, it’s a force-feeding of vendor messages that are usually glowing and rarely comprehensive. By taking part in the StorageReview Thought Leadership Panel you get the ability to do what you do best. Call BS where it exists and highlight areas of interest, be it in emerging topics or help by highlighting small vendors or services that deserve more attention.

Panelists also get access to the StorageReview team to discuss areas of interest formally or otherwise via email, phone or even text message. There is also an opportunity to spend time in the Cincinnati-based StorageReview lab to get access to some of the latest and greatest technology. Lastly, we have the opportunity to provide direct access into vendors for support or more detailed pre-sales information.

How to Participate

Becoming a Panelist is easy. Simply reach out via the site contact form and let us know what you do and where your interests are. We will set up a brief conversation to make sure interests align and that’s it, you’re a part of the team, shaping the coverage and messaging of the largest independent storage lab on the web. What are you waiting for? Get involved!