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Micron Introduces Its 9200 Series Of NVMe SSDs

Today Micron Technology, Inc. introduced its latest flagship performance SSD family, the Micron 9200 Series of NVMe SSDs. The next step up from the 9100 series, the new series leverages innovative architecture to deliver what Micron is calling industry-leading performance. This performance will be geared around enabling organizations to access data faster and stay one step ahead of the growing diversity of business-critical workloads and surging data demands.

The new 9200 series is built from the ground up by Micron and combines 3D NAND with the NVM Express (NVMe) protocol to bring both cost-effectiveness and performance. The drives are ten times faster than the fastest SATA SSDs, use less power, and come in capacities as high as 11TB. The ideal use cases for the 9200 series are application/database acceleration, high frequency trading (HFT), and high performance computing (HPC). The Series will be used as the storage foundation for Micron's SolidState platform.

Benefits include:

  • Micron 9200 SSDs deliver transfer speeds up to 4.6 GB/s and read IOPS up to 1M to turn data into information with low latency and high performance.
  • Micron’s purpose-built flash solutions are easy to deploy and deliver bottom-line value and efficiency to business and IT operations.
  • Optimize and scale out server and storage design with capacities up to 11TB, in industry standard volumes, for even the most storage hungry use case.
  • Offering full enterprise end-to-end data path protection and power loss protection to keep your data safe.
  • Micron 9200 SSDs deliver low cost/IOPS along with its low latency and faster performance. Compared with a typical high-end HDD cost over $1/IOPS, the Micron SSD with NVMe delivers a substantial cost saving at roughly $0.01/IOPS.
  • Allocate storage to meet both application and budget requirements.
  • Micron 9200 offers a broad range of endurance levels for today’s most demanding workloads.

As with several of the company's lines of SSDs, the 9200 will be offered in several flavors depending on the use case but users will be able to adjust the drives with Micron's FlexPro Firmware Architecture. And like the other lines the drive will come in ECO (read intensive), PRO (mixed use), and MAX (write intensive) flavors.

Key specifications:

  • Model: ECO | PRO | MAX
  • Form Factor: U.2, HHHL
  • Capacity: 8TB,11TB | 1.92TB, 3.84TB, 7.68TB | 1.6TB, 3.2TB, 6.4TB
  • Interface: PCIe Gen3 x4 NVMe, PCIe Gen3 x8 NVMe
  • TBW: 11.4-15.7PB | 3.5-13.7PB | 8.6-34.7PB
  • MTTF: 2 M hours
  • Performace
    • Sequential Read (128K): 2.7-3.35GB/s, 4.6GB/s | 2.7-3.35GB/s, 2.7-4.6GB/s | 2.7-3.35GB/s, 2.7-4.6GB/s
    • Sequential Write (GB/s): 2.4GB/s, 3.8GB/s | 2.1-2.4GB/s, 2.1-3.8GB/s | 2.1-2.4GB/s, 2.1-3.8GB/s
    • Random Read (4K): 800K IOPS, 1M IOPS | 620K-800K IOPS, 620K-1M IOPS | 620K-800K IOPS, 620K-1M IOPS
    • Random Write (4K): 95K-110K IOPS | 130K-170K IOPS | 255K-270K IOPS


Micron 9200 SSDs are expected to be generally available at the end of August 2017.

Micron 9200 SSDs

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