by Adam Armstrong

Premio Announces Support For AMD EPYC CPUs

Today Premio announced that its next line of server and storage solutions would support AMD’s EPYC Series Processors, codenamed Naples. This support will offer Premio customers even more options for their storage solutions for big data applications and innovative IT trends such as artificial intelligence, high performance computing and software defined storage.

As we previously said, all the new EPYC processors combine security features, enterprise class reliability, and support a full feature-set. AMD goes on to claim that at "every targeted price point for two-socket processors, EPYC outperforms the competition, with up to 70% more performance in the eight hundred dollar price band and up to 47% more performance at the high-end of the market of four thousand dollars or more." With a specific dig at Intel, AMD states that its EPYC 7601 one-socket system shifts expectations for single socket server performance, helping lower total-cost-of-ownership (TCO), providing up to 20% CapEx savings compared to the Intel Xeon E5-2660 v4-based two-socket system.

Premio’s storage lines, including Flachestreams (All Flash solution), Durastreams (High Availability solution), Omnistreams (General Purpose solution), and ScaleStreams (High-Density solution), now support AMD’s EPYC processors. As stated above, a single socket EPYC CPU can provide high performance with less power lowering the OPEX of Premio’s storage line.

Premio now offers their flagship lines with both AMD EPYC and Intel Skylake Xeon CPUs giving customers flexibility in their choice of storage and servers while offering hardware that is designed to help CDNs and data centers easily switch and upgrade to the newest available processor.

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