by Lyle Smith

SolarWinds Announces New Product Offerings for Optimal Application Performance

SolarWinds has announced new and enhanced product offerings designed to help IT ensure optimal application performance by monitoring the complete application stack (AppStack) through a single pane of glass. Enhancements include the new Storage Resource Monitor (SRM) and significant updates to Server & Application Monitor (SAM) as well as Virtualization Manager and Web Performance Monitor (WPM), which include greater integration with SolarWinds’ Orion technology and the new SolarWinds AppStack dashboard.

SolarWinds AppStack Dashboard

Available in SolarWinds’ solutions, the new AppStack dashboard provides the integrated monitoring of applications, servers, virtualization and storage resources, as well as a Web user interface for Web-based applications, all within a single pane of glass to display the health of these infrastructure components and how they might impact overall application performance. In addition, IT can identify an application that is hindering performance and immediately see which of the other components in the infrastructure might be causing the problem. SolarWinds’ Orion-supported software will also allow users to design custom AppStack dashboards for individuals or teams to prioritize their monitoring all the while maintaining broad visibility.

SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor

The new Storage Resource Monitor provides IT with the insight needed for storage resources and the potential performance impact on virtual environments, which helps to ensure business-critical application performance. Storage Resource Monitor also offers support for dozens of common arrays and features new NetApp Cluster-mode, NetApp IBM N-series, NetApp E-series family, EMC VNX family, and Dell EqualLogic PS Series arrays. Additionally, IT professionals are able to view and manage an IT environment from array to application due to its real-time visibility into heterogeneous SAN and NAS arrays and integration with the Orion technology and AppStack dashboard.

SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor with NEW cloud agent and AppInsight for IIS

Server & Application Monitor now gives IT the ability to monitor business-critical server and application performance hosted in the cloud by services including Amazon EC2, Rackspace, Microsoft Azure, and most other Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). In addition, it organizes this data alongside on-premises server and application performance all within a single tool to support hybrid cloud environments. On top of its support for over 200 applications, SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor adds new AppInsight for IIS, which provides optimal website performance with critical Microsoft IIS web server monitoring by identifying pages that take too long to process, and providing metrics and solution capabilities for starting and stopping websites.

SolarWinds Virtualization Manager and Web Performance Monitor with NEW Orion technology backbone integration

Virtualization Manager and Web Performance Monitor now integrate directly with SolarWinds’ Orion technology backbone and the AppStack dashboard. As a result, this enables the sharing of critical performance metrics from these individual products with other modules that are already integrated. In addition, the integration of Virtualization Manager provides IT datastore-level detail that bridges the critical metrics from Storage Resource Monitor to Server & Application Monitor. The integration of Web Performance Monitor also helps provide end-to-end performance monitoring for web-based environments.

Pricing and Availability

All products and features are now available at the following price points:

  • SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor: $2,695 USD
  • SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor: $2,995 USD
  • SolarWinds Virtualization Manager: $2,995 USD
  • SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor: $1,995 USD

SolarWinds Application Stack

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