by Adam Armstrong

Tintri Expands Support For OpenStack

Today Tintri Inc. announced that it was expanded its support for OpenStack. As part of the expansion Tintri now includes a new Cinder driver and Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform Ecosystem certification. Now organizations using Tintri can deploy OpenStack easier than ever.

Now OpenStack users will have VM-aware storage through Tintri. This VM-aware storage gives OpenStack customers predictable performance and ready scaling without management complexity. Combining this with the new Cinder driver allows users analyze individual Cinder virtual machines and volumes from the Tintri user interface. Tintri has contributed this Cinder driver to the OpenStack community and is part of the OpenStack Liberty release. Organizations can now manage and troubleshoot workloads at VM and volume level using Tintri’s operating system and real-time analytics. This will enable simple scaling without seeing a deep in performance.

Tintri is a Corporate Sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation and is a Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform Ecosystem partner.

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