by Mark Kidd

EMC Announces New and Updated Documentum Solutions

EMC’s Information Intelligence Group has announced broad updates to the company’s Documentum family of enterprise content management solutions, including a new InfoArchive product and the Captiva Mobile Toolkit. New SharePoint integration includes D2 4.X configuration support and the ability to checkout content from DCTM into a SharePoint library, then collaborate from SharePoint and check the content back into DCTM.

InfoArchive is a new archiving platform that provides a unified repository for structured and unstructured data. It also offers “live archiving” functionality that allows inactive data to be moved to an archive while still being accessible in real time to applications or via a web portal. In addition to the connector for Documentum, InfoArchive can connect with SharePoint 2013, high volume print streams via Crawford, structured databases via Solix, and legacy apps via Flatirons.

EMC’s new Captiva Mobile Toolkit, which is included with Captiva 7.1, provides a standardized data capture API for apps on mobile devices equipped with a camera. The toolkit also provides a variety of functions to streamline the process of filtering, submitting, and processing these images, for example to process check images for mobile banking applications.

The Documentum 7.1 platform adds support for new Linux and Unix 64-bit architectures to existing Documentum support for Microsoft Windows and SQL applications, Solaris, Oracle, IBM AIX/DB2 and Websphere, and Linux. Updates to Documentum’s xCelerated Management System are intended to simplify deployment and administration workflows, while Kazeon eDiscovery 4.8 adds an EMC ATMOS connector and a connector for the company’s Cloud Tiering Appliance.

EMC Documentum Product Page

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