by Lyle Smith

Fujitsu ETERNUS JX60 Storage Subsystem Now Available

Fujitsu has announced the availability of the FUJITSU ETERNUS JX60, a new high-density and easy-to-use storage subsystem to help businesses of all sizes optimize their ICT systems from end to end. The new storage system is an ideal extension for servers including the Fujitsu Primergy server systems. For businesses with limited resources or administrative knowledge (as well as datacenter farms managing massive amounts of data), the Eternus JX60 offers low investment cost and easy handling. Additionally, it provides the capacity to support different disk sizes with its 2TB, 3TB and 4TB options. The new storage system also offers basic data protection with built-in resilience, which can be managed using Fujitsu’s ServerView software. 

As the volume of data continues to increase, capacity requirements quite often exceed what internal storage servers can handle, which results in businesses requiring an easy and effective storage capacity extension. The Eternus JX60 provides a maximum of high-capacity and low-cost 3.5 inch Nearline-SAS hard disk drives using minimum space to deal with the issue of ongoing data growth. In addition, up to four enclosures can be directly attached to a server allowing the sub-system to boast up to 960TB of storage. This is an ideal option for environments with only one server based on its capability to extend the storage capacity as well as for clustered configurations with two servers for high availability. 

As an example, the Eternus JX60 can be used to extend the Fujitsu Cluster-in-a-box solution, allowing the pre-configured and pre-installed solution to also be used as a central storage resource, specifically a Windows Server-based NAS system. 


The Fujitsu Eternus JX60 storage system is now globally available for purchase direct from Fujitsu and through distribution partners.

Eternus JX60 product page

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