by Lyle Smith

Mozy Launches Next Generation of Cloud Data Protection Services

Mozy, an EMC company, has announced the next generation of its cloud data protection service which provides enterprises with integrated endpoint data-protection, productivity and administration tools for the public cloud. Mozy has launched the newest version of its service in response to the rising trend of employees bringing their own devices and applications into the workplace as well as the growing need for enterprise IT departments to secure sensitive corporate data created and accessed on those devices without inhibiting productivity.

The next-generation of Mozy services gives businesses and organizations the ability to avoid ‘accidental architectures,' which can occur when employees, departments, or branch offices take matters into their own hands by implementing quick-fix cloud solutions that lack the security, management, and interoperability that enterprises require. Mozy bridges the needs of employees and IT departments with the introduction of new tools by offering end users the functionality they want, while empowering the IT team with the controls the business requires.

Built on their new technology platform that was announced earlier this year, the new features are the latest developments in the Mozy product set, including:

  • Greater cloud administrative tools for Enterprise IT: Enhanced storage management saves time and money involved in provisioning and managing backup at a device level. Further developments in integration with enterprise software tools allows for faster, more-scalable deployments.
  • Enhanced End User Experience: An integrated Mozy Sync folder keeps files updated and available across multiple computers and mobile devices. Mozy also introduces new functionality that ensures faster initial backup times and greater bandwidth efficiency when backing up large files.
  • New Partner Resources: New API support allows partners and resellers to integrate with their preferred Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) or Professional Services Automation (PSA) systems.

The next-generation Mozy service has also been added to the EMC Data Protection Suite, which offers an adaptable licensing model that gives customers and partners the ability to mix and match the usage of individual products to best fit their needs, while lowering their total cost of ownership and providing investment protection.

MozyEnterprise now becomes the public cloud component within the EMC Data Protection Suite. This allows EMC customers and partners to extend their individual Protection Storage Architectures to include cloud data protection and access tools for desktops, laptops, mobile devices and remote offices.


The next generation of the Mozy service will be globally available for all Mozy-branded products some time during the 4th quarter. 

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